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Argon FAQs

Why is argon used in analytical laboratories? plus minus
Air Products' ultra-high purity (UHP) argon supplied in the BIP® cylinder contains impurity levels of less than 10 ppb for oxygen, 20 ppb for moisture and 10 ppb for total hydrocarbons. It is ideally suited to any analytical application or process where these compounds in larger concentrations can prove to have a detrimental effect on the results or equipment itself.

Argon is a key process gas for plasma spraying. Since argon is completely inert and easily ionised, it can be used as the primary plasma gas or as a secondary gas with nitrogen to increase its energy. It can also be used as a powder carrier gas for a completely inert environment.

Our application engineers can help you select a supply system to meet your pressure and volume requirements.

Argon is used in many applications in glass manufacturing. It is colorless, non-reactive, non-flammable and has low thermal conductivity.

Using argon gas between the panes in sealed double glazing units significantly increases the thermal properties of the unit over just using dry air. Argon can also help prevent combustion in glass pressurising and heating applications and to fill items made of glass to improve their performance or function.

Argon, an inert gas, can provide an excellent barrier to oxidation of the melt surface. It is also used across numerous applications to help improve quality as well as increase efficiency and yield in foundries, integrated and mini mills, specialty/stainless, and non-ferrous metals production operations.

What is the substance identification of argon? plus minus
  • Chemical formula: Ar
  • Synonyms: Argon gas, Gaseous Argon, GAR, Liquid Argon, LAR
  • REACH Registration Number: Listed in Annex IV / V REACH, exempted from registration
  • UN/ID No.: UN1006
  • Proper shipping name: ARGON, COMPRESSED Class or Division: 2
  • Tunnel Code: (E) Label(s): 2.2
  • ADR/RID Hazard ID no.: 20
  • Marine Pollutant: No