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Glass and Frit

Industry leaders in glass technology and gas supply . . . ask Air Products and expect more

Whether you are producing container, flat, fiber or specialty glass, frit, or mineral wool, Air Products has industrial gases, technologies, and expertise to help improve your operations. We are the leader in proprietary oxygen enrichment and oxy-fuel technologies that, with minimal capital investment, can help you increase production, lower fuel costs, reduce emissions, and improve your operation. In addition to oxygen, we also supply nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, and rare gases for applications ranging from atmosphere control and inerting to particle size reduction. Whatever your needs—gas supply, combustion systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling or engineering and equipment optimization—Air Products has the people, products, and services to help you succeed.

Improve your glass or frit production or processing operations.

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Air Products gases, typically provided in gaseous and liquid form, enable customers in a wide range of industries to improve their environmental performance, product quality, and productivity.


Acetylene is the primary fuel for oxy-fuel welding and is the fuel of choice for repair work and general cutting and welding, Acetylene produces the hottest and most concentrated primary flame of all industrial fuel gases.


Argon is used in many applications in glass manufacturing. It is colorless, non-reactive, non-flammable and has low thermal conductivity.


Helium is used to protect the glass surface in fiber-optic glass production and to improve refining within the bubbling process during glass manufacturing.


Hydrogen is used in glass manufacturing for atmosphere control, cutting and polishing, heat treating, melting, and softening.


Nitrogen is used in glass manufacturing for atmosphere control and flat glass delamination.


Oxygen is used in glass manufacturing applications like cutting/polishing, heat treating, melting/softening, bubbling, and oxygen-enhanced combustion.

Rare Gases

Specialty gases such as krypton, xenon, and neon are used to fill items made of glass in order to improve their performance or make them function.

VSA oxygen generator

PRISM® VSA Oxygen Generators

Air Products' PRISM® VSA Oxygen Generators provide dependable oxygen supply to meet a broad range of flow requirements. Our robust generators offer a highly reliable oxygen supply at an overall cost savings compared to trucked-in liquid. The systems’ modular approach facilitates easy installation and maintenance, while the standard features enable the systems to meet the specific needs of glass producers.

PRISM® VSA Oxygen Generators—T Series

PRISM® VSA Oxygen Generator

Plan for success.

Example CFD modeling representation of a glass furnace

Proven Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling Services

We have extensive in-house computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling service capabilities that can help when you are designing or investigating furnace performance. Our services help enable glassmakers to investigate and evaluate ways to increase productivity and cut costs without putting their production process at risk. Modeling studies provide quick, validated results along with recommendations for the type of system that is optimal for your operation.

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