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laser plasma cutter
Welding and Cutting

Laser Processing

Lasing gases and assist gases; ensuring the highest weld and cut quality, increased productivity and reduced rejects

Whether you are cutting, marking or welding with a laser, Air Products offers the complete range of lasing and assist gases. Reduce downtime and gas wastage with high-pressure packs, our CryoEase® microbulk, high-pressure liquid solutions or on-site generators.

When it comes to laser resonator gas, our complete range of high-quality Experis® gases are available as pre-mixed cylinders or individual, high purity, pure gases. These cylinders meet, or exceed, the gas purity and mixture accuracy specifications of the world's leading laser manufacturers and are available from stock.

Ask the Expert

How do I know what gas mixture or purity of gas I need for my laser resonator?

At Air Products, our teams of laser experts have access to data detailing the necessary purities, pressures and flows of most popular lasers.