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A typical cryogenic storage installation by Air Products with liquid nitrogen supply, pipework, cryogenic freezers and manual decant point

Life Science (Biomedical)

A complete solution of gases and equipment for cryogenic storage

Air Products provides the optimum turnkey solution for cryogenic storage for your samples. Supply and installation of class-leading chart freezers. Advice on cryo room design and comprehensive project management solution.

Air Products offers expertise in liquid nitrogen to incubator gas supply and high purity gas solutions for the security of your samples whilst keeping your running costs to a minimum.

Photo courtesy of Chart Industries, Inc. Copyright 2018.  Used with permission, all rights reserved.


Ask the Expert

Stephen Robinson
Stephen Robinson

Product Manager - Life Science

Is there a more energy efficient alternative to mechanical ULT -80°C freezers?

Yes. Chart Biomedical have introduced the MVE Variō series, the innovative and energy efficient alternative for Ultra Low to Cryogenic storage.

Chart Variō wins ISBER award

The award recognises the significant leap forward in providing a low energy, high efficiency, high security alternative to -80°c mechanical freezers.