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The full BIP® cylinder range

BIP® Technology

For the ultimate in gas purity

​Unique Features of BIP® Technology

More Accurate Analysis

Greater sensitivity and lower limits of detection

Lower Operational Costs

BIP® technology removes harmful impurities, increasing equipment lifespan and reducing replacement frequency

Easy Switch to BIP® Technology

All features incorporated inside the cylinder; no additional equipment required

Reduced System Maintenance

Eliminates requirement for external purifiers and the need for their service and maintenance

Unrivalled Purity

Up to 300 times purer than conventional gases; Less than 10ppb O₂ and less than 20ppb H₂O

Highly Sustainable

BIP® purifiers are re-generated by Air Products, no disposal required by user

Ideal for Gas Chromatography (GC)

Reduced GC column bleed, and longer column life


Award Winning Technology

It’s a success that’s widely recognised. BIP® technology received the Queens Award for Innovation in the UK in 2004 and is used by thousands of customers in Europe, including the top five manufacturers of analytical equipment as well as the national laboratories of seven European countries.

Ask the Expert

Linda Bakiri
Linda Bakiri

Specialty Gases Business Development Manager

Why is gas purity critical for my analytical application?

Some impurities can damage analytical instruments and affect accuracy of results. Oxygen and moisture are critical impurities in many analytical techniques.

Case Study

We dramatically improved the performance of our glove boxes with increased lifetime of the catalyst and reduced regeneration downtime.

Arend Kooi sales manager MBRAUN Glove Boxes, BFI OPTILAS