The world faces a huge challenge in shifting toward clean, sustainable energy sources, and we believe we have the diverse mix of solutions to meet these clean energy needs.

Wind millsWe are committed to improving our own performance by operating efficiently, incorpor- ating environmental considera- tions into the design of our facilities and products, effectively managing environmental risks and transparently communi- cating our environmental performance. While our resource consumption and emissions may increase due to growing societal and customer demands for our products, our efficiency and environmental improvements enable us to make our customers’ processes and products better through higher productivity, improved energy efficiency and lower emissions.

We met most of our environmental sustainability goals in 2020 (from a 2015 baseline year). Specifically:

  • We exceeded our goal to reduce energy use intensity by 2.5% for ASUs, realizing a 3.3% improvement. We were unable to fulfill our 1.5% energy efficiency goal for HyCOs due to lower product demand in 2020.
  • We met our goal to reduce GHG emissions intensity by achieving a 2.6% reduction.
  • We significantly improved the distribution efficiency of our fleet and exceeded our goal to reduce CO₂ emissions by 10%, reaching a 20% reduction.
  • We exceeded our goal to conserve water and lower use intensity by 5%, reducing water intensity by 26%.

We have established a significant goal to reduce CO₂ emissions intensity by one-third by 2030 from a 2015 baseline year. We have also established a resource conservation goal, striving to continue increasing the energy efficiency of our operations, which supports our CO₂ emissions intensity goal and reduces water consumption. We also will continue our work to conserve water, especially in areas where water is stressed.