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Silicon Wafers and Microcircuits


The Star of Rare Gases

Xenon (Xe) is one of the rarest of the noble gases, but it has numerous applications that makes it extremely valuable. If you have seen the bright white light beaming from a car, you have experienced xenon at work. The xenon lamps are capable of very high lumens light while being exceedingly energy efficient, as such, it has widespread use in the high-performance lighting industry.


Semiconductor and Memory Chip Manufacturing

Air Products high-purity xenon is ideal as an atmosphere, plasma and as an ion beam source for etching and deposition.

Aerospace and Ion Engines

High-purity xenon is important to ensure the long lifespan of electrodes.


High-purity xenon is important to ensure superior brightness and long lifespan of the filaments.

Dark Matter Research

Ultra-high-purity Xenon is specially designed for spectroscopy detectors of gamma-ray and X-ray for dark matter.

Anesthesia and CT Scan

Ultra-high purity medical grade xenon is used in anesthesia as it is very safe for the neurological system.

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