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Industrial zone with steel pipelines

​Inomaxx® Plus Weld Process Gas

Our best gas for stainless steel MAG welding

For MAG welding stainless steel of all thicknesses; available in a range of cylinder sizes or mixed on site from liquid gases.

How Can Inomaxx Plus Weld Process Gas Help Your MAG Welding?​

Improved Weld Quality

Reduced rejects, excellent penetration characteristics and tolerant to variations in weld parameter settings

Increased Productivity

Up to 17% increase in manual weld speeds when compared with conventional mixtures

Improved Finish

Reduced cleanup times due to minimal spatter and a smooth weld finish

Better Working Environment

Protects the work environment with minimal ozone generation

Reduced Cylinder Stock

Cuts cylinder stocks; one gas suitable for all thicknesses of stainless steel and modes of metal transfer

Ask the Expert

Is it possible to increase weld speeds and improve the appearance of my stainless steel weld?

Inomaxx® Plus increases weld speeds by up to 17% and gives a smoother weld. Why not book a demonstration and try out this mixture for yourself.