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MAXX Sheilding Gases

Ferrolinx® Plus

The best gas for carbon steel MAG welding

What are the Benefits of Air Products' Ferromaxx®​ Plus

Improved Weld Quality

Reduces rejects, excellent penetration characteristics and tolerant to variations in weld parameter settings

Increased Productivity

Up to 19% increase in manual weld speeds when compared with conventional mixtures

Reduced Clean-Up Times

Minimal spatter and a smooth, flat weld finish

Reduce Cylinder Stocks 

Suitable for all material thickness, and all consumable types (solid, metal and flux cored wires)

Ask the Expert

Is it possible to increase welding speeds with a common welding process such as MAG welding carbon steel?

Ferromaxx® Plus is a unique gas and results in increased welding speeds of up to 17%. Not only do you weld more quickly, set-up times are reduced as well.