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Accredited Mixtures

Gas mixtures certified within an ISO 17025 accreditation scope

For your complete peace of mind our range of Experis® speciality gases include calibration mixtures certified by our own state-of-the-art ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. This means that they meet the most stringent demands for accurate and traceable calibration suitable for a range of markets and applications.

Air Products’ comprehensive ISO 17025 accreditation scope is optimised to serve our customers in the environmental and air monitoring sectors. It is now possible to source calibration gas mixtures containing all of the components NO, SO₂, CO and CO₂ in the same cylinder. This provides users with a number of important technical, safety, and cost benefits over more commonly available binary gas mixtures.

What Are The Benefits Of Air Products' Accredited Gas Mixtures?​

Extensive Scope

For engine emissions testing, air emissions monitoring, and natural gas composition analysis.

Unique Capabilities

Able to supply calibration gas mixtures containing all of the components NO, SO₂, CO and CO₂ in a single cylinder.

Technical Benefits Of Multi-Component Mixtures

Calibration using binary mixtures can lead to errors in the analysis of stack gases due to cross-sensitivity effects

Improved Safety And Storage

Using accredited multi-component mixtures means you can reduce the number of cylinders you handle and store by as much as 75%

Reduced Gas Control Equipment Inventory

Fewer cylinders means results in less set-up time on site, and a smaller gas control equipment inventory

Cost Savings

Multi-component mixtures can reduce your costs, when compared to purchasing cylinders of individual binary mixtures

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