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Cooling Conveyor

PolarFit® Cryogenic Cooling Conveyor

Maximise your cryogenic grinding system's performance

Choosing the right cooling conveyor for any cryogenics operation is critical. We aim to optimise your process efficiency by appropriately sizing and reviewing your throughput requirements, making it financially viable.

Air Products offers a selection of cooling conveyors to maximise the performance of your cryogenic grinding system. To grind efficiently, your feed material must be completely brittle prior to grinding. Our PolarFit® cryogenic cooling conveyor uses liquid nitrogen to achieve embrittlement, resulting in consistently higher yields of particles in your target size range and, ultimately, reduced operating costs.

We offer both rectangular foam-insulated and cylindrical vacuum-insulated configurations in various sizes to meet your operational and performance requirements. Air Products has the hardware and the technical expertise to help you get the results you want.

Download PolarFit® cryogenic cooling conveyor data sheet

How can Air Products' Cryogenic Cooling Conveyor Improve your Grinding Operations?​

Maximise Performance of Grinding Systems

Achieve Higher Yields of Particles with Liquid Nitrogen

Reduce Operational Costs

Easy and Efficient Cleaning

Small Installed Footprint

Do you need to improve your grinding system?

We offer a selection of cooling conveyors to maximize the performance of your cryogenic grinding system.