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Ice Shuttle Flex

Optimisation of your existing isothermal roll-container cassette system

Are you already using CO₂ as a coolant during transport? Let us help you make significant savings in your operational costs!

CO₂ snow is created through the expansion of liquid CO₂ when injected into the dry ice compartment of your insulated containers/cassette system. During this process losses can occur depending on the injection pistol you use. Also, your current dosing setup could be causing you to use too much CO₂.

Whatever type of isothermal trolley /cassette system or injection pistol and dosing station you may have, our experts will review it and identify ways to optimise them.

Our specially designed software program will adapt the dosing needed based on the container size, transport time and weather forecast. Furthermore, our online monitoring features will enable you to report on your CO₂ use and serve your traceability needs.