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Harvest Energy Technology

Hydrogen Onsite Generators

Benefits of Prism Hydrogen Generators (PHG)

Cost-effective supply

Efficient use of natural gas minimizes energy costs and reduces the overall unit gas cost on a per unit basis

Easy installation

Fully skidded, compact, modular design requires a small footprint and is easily installed - reducing downtime and minimizes operating costs

High Reliability 

Real-time 24/7 remote monitoring and fully integrated backup systems allow for uninterrupted product supply

Flexible Operating

Designed with industry-leading start-up and turndown modes, PHGs can be installed as single or multi-unit systems to provide flexible and efficient supply

Portfolio of supply options to meet a range of requirements

We offer the full spectrum of on-site hydrogen generators and can offer the right solution for your requirements whatever the volume, pressure, purity level, flow rate, and operating pattern may be.

Expertise you can depend on and also peace of mind

Let our experts take the guesswork out of finding a low cost, long term, sustainable alternative to delivered hydrogen using on-site hydrogen production.