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Automobile Fueling Station

Fueling Stations

Air Products offers a fully integrated and customizable line of equipment for hydrogen fueling. H2fM® hydrogen stations are proven technology and include compression, storage, and dispensing. The equipment is designed for minimal installation and can be used with any source of hydrogen. Cars, trucks, vans, buses, scooters, forklifts, locomotives, planes, cell towers, material handling equipment, and even submarines have been fueled with trend-setting Air Products’ H2fM® technologies.

Safety is our top priority, and our H2fM® stations are no exception. Constant innovation and over 25 years of experience in hydrogen fueling is incorporated into our dispensers and other station equipment. This ensures safe operation, easy installation and high levels of reliability.

In 2019, Air Products announced the signing of an agreement with Saudi Aramco to jointly build the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle fueling station in Saudi Arabia. The hydrogen refueling station is located within the grounds of Air Products Technology Centre in the Dhahran Techno Valley Science Park.

Fueling a Hydrogen powered car is quick and easy video

Hydrogen Fueling Process

Hydrogen Fueling

Benefits of H2FM® Hydrogen Stations:


Safety is Air Products number one priority and incorporated into all aspects of our products.


Multi-faceted approach to ensuring uninterrupted performance of our fueling stations.

Product Supply

One of world's largest hydrogen producers with the ability to deliver hydrogen or install onsite hydrogen production. 

Integrated Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Turnkey hydrogen fueling stations with Air Products proprietary technologies.

Project Execution

Experienced project engineers with a focus on safety and speed of execution.

Pilot Program Support

Unique portable fueling stations for short-term testing and evaluation.


Air Products gases, typically provided in gaseous and liquid form, enable customers in a wide range of industries to improve their environmental performance, product quality, and productivity.

Hydrogen for Fueling

In recent years, hydrogen has come to the forefront as an alternative, environmentally-friendly fuel.  As an energy carrier, hydrogen provides many advantages versus other alternatives, particularly when used in a fuel cell.

Interested in building a hydrogen fueling station?

Talk to one of our experts about how our products and services can meet your needs for hydrogen fueling applications.

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