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Frozen prepared meal

Freshline® Batch Freezer

Fast, high-quality batch freezing and chilling

Are you looking to alleviate your production bottlenecks, but do not need a continuous process? Are you looking for the fastest way to cool down your food products? Are you launching a new chilled or frozen product, but are not sure what volumes to expect? Or are you simply seeking a higher quality frozen result?

Our compact Freshline® Batch Freezer offers you a fast and reliable freezing or chilling solution. Available in two sizes, it meets the stringent needs of cook-chill and cook-freeze in the catering industry. It is ideal for any food processor with freezing or chilling requirements in batch processes.

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Why Do Our Customers Choose Our Batch Freezer?


Freezes or chills faster than conventional air blast freezers

Cost Effectiveness

Attractive pricing, rental possibilities and excellent nitrogen efficiency

Ease Of Use

Easy to operate (with pre-recorded recipes), clean and maintain


Compact design for a small footprint


Meets stringent food hygiene and safety design standards

High-Quality Freeze

The extremely fast freeze locks in your product's taste, texture and moisture levels for a high-quality frozen result

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Ask the Expert

Jon Trembley

Jon Trembley

Technology Manager - Cryogenic Applications

“Liquid Nitrogen is very cold (-196°C), will it damage my product compared to a blast freezer?”
No, quite the opposite. The faster process causes the water inside the product to freeze into smaller ice crystals. This means less cell wall damage for a higher quality frozen product.

Batch freezer

Wondering about Quality and Compliance?

We care deeply about safety and quality. Our gases and equipment comply with all relevant food legislation.

Freshline® Food Services

We don't just supply gases and equipment, we want to help you succeed every step of the way. This is why we also are world leaders in food industry innovation, run trials for you on-site or in one of our laboratories, offer consultancy including process evaluation and optimisation, analytical services and training support.

Gases and Supply Options

Air Products gases, typically provided in gaseous and liquid form, enable customers in a wide range of industries to improve their environmental performance, product quality, and productivity.


Useful as a gas, for its inert properties, and as a liquid for cooling and freezing. Virtually any industry can benefit from its unique properties to improve yields, optimize performance and make operations safer.

Bulk Supply

Delivered by truck and stored on your site either as a liquid in cryogenic tanks or as a gas in high-pressure tubes based on your volume, desired pressure, purity level, flow rate, and operating pattern.

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