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Carbon steel powdered metal parts entering a sintering furnace

Atmosphere Humidification System

Obtain and maintain the optimal dew point for your operation

The Atmosphere Humidification System is easily installed into the existing gas supply to the furnace. A portion of the nitrogen is humidified and then re-introduced into the main gas stream for the furnace. This helps maintain a protecting surface oxide layer on stainless steel belts to improve their life, and reduce quality issues on parts such as materials sticking, soot formation and poor infiltration. The low-cost, easy-to-install Atmosphere Humidification System effectively controls dew point within a specified range for optimum performance.

Ask the Expert

Don Bowe
Don Bowe

Applications Engineer

How can I extend the life of stainless steel belts used in our continuous sintering furnaces?

This is a question that comes up frequently when troubleshooting for oxidation in a continuous furnace atmosphere. The rising price of nickel, and therefore stainless steel, has made belt life longevity more important than ever. While many variables—including the belt alloy, initial break-in procedure, wire gauge and tracking—impact the life of a stainless steel belt, you can realize dramatic improvements by adjusting the sintering atmosphere.

Air Products' patented atmosphere process technology has been shown in field service to extend the life of stainless steel belts used in sintering powder metal parts. In general, the atmosphere provides a protective oxide coating on the stainless steel belt while remaining carbon-neutral to your parts. The oxide layer reduces the carbon and nitrogen pickup and helps maintain the desired mechanical properties of the belt. In industry service, the use of this technology has resulted in extending the life of stainless steel mesh belts from 25% to more than 50% over the life that is typically experienced in N₂-H₂ sintering atmospheres. The results of extended belt life: reduced maintenance, less furnace downtime and fewer belts to replace.


Service Life Extension of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Belts for Sintering Furnaces

A humidification system that establishes a furnace atmosphere to maintain a protective oxide scale on the belt surface and creates a reducing environment for the sintered metal parts.