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​Tom Philips
Tom Philips

Applications Engineer

How can I provide customer documentation proving my heat treat process was controlled while treating my customers' products?

Quality programs that require information about how you process a part for your customers are becoming more common. Understanding what variables you control and what effect they have on your parts is an important step in starting this effort. Variables such as temperature, time, atmosphere flow rates and composition, and utility consumption are good places to start tracking.

A monitoring system makes this task easier day-to-day and increases the accuracy of recorded data. Air Products' supply and process management systems, along with Air Products' Intelligent Atmosphere Analysers automate data monitoring and collection, and provide additional benefits such as remote monitoring of your process, alarming to indicate problems, and custom report generation for customer documentation. Our engineers help you determine what variables are important for you to monitor and then customise a system that fits both your specifications and those of your customers.

Benefits such as reduced scrap, elimination of manual data collection, faster problem troubleshooting, and increased product quality can enhance your customer relationship and help your bottom line.


Mission: Accomplished—Air Products' Process Management System Enhances Sintering Operation

ASCO leveraged Air Products' extensive understanding of furnace operations and customised systems implementation to gain a firmer comprehension of their continuous sintering furnaces and integral quench and draw furnaces.