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Jazan, Saudi Arabia

Jazan Industrial Gas Complex

In 2015, Air Products was awarded a 20-year contract by Saudi Aramco, the largest company in the world, under a joint venture (JV) of Air Products and ACWA Holding, to build, own and operate the world’s largest industrial gas complex to supply 75,000 metric tons per day (20,000 oxygen and 55,000 nitrogen) to Saudi Aramco’s refinery and Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle being built in Jazan, Saudi Arabia. The Jazan project, now operational, was completed by Air Products’ major execution centers in the United Kingdom, United States, China and India, with active engagement of employees in Saudi Arabia. 

In 2021, Air Products' JV with Aramco, ACWA Power and Air Products Qudra completed a $12 billion asset acquisition and project financing transaction to purchase the ASUs, gasification, syngas cleanup, utilities and power assets from Aramco. In January 2023, Air Products reached financial close and transfer of the second group of assets for the $12 billion gasification and power JV. The JV owns and operates the facility under a 25-year contract for a fixed monthly fee, with Aramco supplying feedstock to the JV, and the JV producing power, steam, hydrogen and other utilities for Aramco.

As a premier provider of turnkey solutions that convert hydrocarbon feedstock into synthesis gas for high-value products, Air Products meets customers where they are on their energy transition journey. Our proven gasification technologies take a full range of lower-value feedstocks and convert them in a lower-emission manner into syngas, which is then used to make higher-value products. The JV serves Aramco’s Jazan Refinery, a megaproject to process 400,000 barrels per day of the crude oil to produce the main products such as ultra-light sulphur diesel, gasoline, and other products.

Jazan Fast Facts

>4,000 MW of power production

Equal to the power consumption of Denmark

2.5B scfd of syngas

Equal to 16 large SMRs (steam methane reformers)

800+ direct employees

30x a typical SMR

75,000 tpd O2/N2

World's largest industrial gas complex

>3,300,000 sq meters

Equal to 460 soccer fields

Seawater cooling: 500,000 nm3/hr

Equal to 200 Olympic-size swimming pools every hour

How It Works

The Jazan JV will supply Saudi Aramco with critical supply of power, steam, utilities and hydrogen. 
Jazan joint venture supply flow graphic
 Seifi Ghasemi, Air Products Chairman, President and CEO

Seifi Ghasemi

Air Products Chairman, President and CEO

"This is a perfect fit with our growth strategy. It is a value-creating investment for Air Products and leverages our core syngas purification and industrial gas production capabilities. Most importantly, it is a privilege to further strengthen our relationship with Aramco and to partner with ACWA Power and Qudra Energy in this megaproject, which supports the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and building partnerships for mutual growth."

Jazan IGCC facility, Saudi Arabia

Megaproject Execution with a Strong Focus on Safety

We are proud of our earned reputation for successfully executing the engineering, building, owning and operating of large-scale projects for customers around the world. The Jazan complex is a  testament to this reputation, with Air Products reaching mechanical completion of the facility without a lost time injury in 25 million worker hours. This exceptional milestone, which was achieved with a workforce of 6,000 people from 30 countries at peak construction periods, speaks to Air Products' engineering capabilities and expertise, combined with an extreme focus on safety. 

Proven Technologies and Expertise

We have a wide range of capabilities, industry leading gasification technologies, and operational expertise to process a full range of feedstocks.

Solid Hydrocarbons

High reliability and high efficiency gasification for solid hydrocarbon feedstocks, such as coal, petcoke and biomass, with a more than 20-year track record of world-class plants for coal to chemicals, synthetic fuels or power.

Gaseous Hydrocarbons

World-class, high-efficiency steam methane reforming plants providing syngas and/or hydrogen from a modest 1000 scf/d to a large-scale 100MM scf/d for de-sulfuring and upgrading fuels or providing hydrogen for fuel-cell vehicles.

Liquid Hydrocarbons

Cost-efficient, high-value solution for the “bottom of the barrel” material in a refinery complex, adding extra value and profit to the refinery as the world transitions away from high-sulfur fuel oil.

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