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Female Engineers & Technical Associates (FETA)

Unique Program Enabling the Progression and Career Development of the Next Generation of Female Talent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Female Engineers & Technical Associates (FETA) is a development initiative which aims to attract, develop and train both experienced and fresh graduate female talent by offering tailored job rotations, hands-on learning, and professional and technical development.

Through FETA, we are pioneering a new path of learning for female engineers and technicians to help shape the future by becoming part of a world-leading industrial gases company, where they will be part of the team working on some of the most innovative, forward-looking projects of our time.
Air Products' FETA program has been developed through strategic partnerships with the Ministry of Human Resources & Social Development (MOHR) and Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE).  

The FETA program supports Air Products' goal to be the most diverse industrial gas company in the world by promoting a pipeline of senior female engineers and technicians in the workforce and fostering growth for possible future engineers and technician leaders in Air Products. 

Female graduates with Engineering and Technical skills are identified and recruited from Universities and Colleges within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Air Products will also seek applicants with more than four years’ engineering and technical-related work experience. 

Participants will gain experience and expertise by undertaking work of varying degrees of complexity and challenge, and by a series of tailored job assignments for the duration of the program.

Hear from some of our first FETA participants.

"What excites me the most is how a company like Air Products opens the opportunity to talented females to achieve higher goals step by step."

Maryam AlSukairi, Materials Engineer

"My first impression of Air Products is that it was an extremely engaging and welcoming environment. I love how the company is completely true to its higher purpose and vision."

Zainab Lajami, Civil Engineer

"The clear vision of the FETA program and its structured plan gives an insight to a promising future for female engineers."

Alzahra Alhauwaj, Civil Engineer

"Engineers are smart people who change and impact the world. I want to be one of them."

Huda Albasha, Chemical Engineer

"As a female, I can see that Air Products will support and develop me throughout this program."

Jumana Almurdhi, Electrical Engineer