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Mineral water
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Water remineralisation through the injection of CO₂

Benefits of Using CO₂ for Water Remineralisation

Self-buffering Capacity of the CO₂

CO₂ has the capacity to balance carbonates, bicarbonates and aqueous CO₂ content in water

Safe Working Conditions

Automated addition of CO₂ for downstream pH control mitigates the need for strong acids

Accurate pH Control

Using CO₂ prevents overdosing avoiding the potential of excessive acidification when using strong acids

Simple Dosage System

The pH regulation system controls the amount of CO₂ injection via simple opening and closing of a solenoid valve

Simple and Reliable Mixing Device

Injecting fine bubbles of CO₂ into the water flow, the system ensures full dissolution of the gas into the water


Ask the Expert

Samy Sablayrolles
Samy Sablayrolles

Commercial Technology Water Solutions, Europe

What about water mineralisation with carbon dioxide?

The process of water mineralisation or remineralisation is a method of adjusting the minerality of the drinking water to the level recommended for consumer health. The recommended method is a combination of calcium and carbon dioxide injections to reach the necessary minerality level. That process is used where ground waters do not have a sufficiently concentration of minerals or as post treatment in the desalinisation processes.