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Gas Detection

Marine Gas Detection

Air Products has extensive experience in the testing and calibration of sensors, detectors and other safety critical equipment in the marine industry.

By working closely with key partners, this has ensured it understands the market requirements and has developed its product offering to ensure that it meets and in many cases exceeds these needs.

With a full range of mixture compositions, corrosive or inert gases supplied in different canister sizes, with long shelf lives, available on short lead times Air Products is able to support this most demanding of markets.

Air Products Understands the Marine Gas Detection Market

Extensive Product Range

Able to supply all of your gas mixture requirements. Corrosive, non-reactive compositions from ppm up to 100%.


Extensive stockholding of standard product offering, ensuring quick deliveries to you.


Gas mixtures have market leading shelf lives, up to 60 months, ensuring accuracy of calibration and testing.

Complete Solution

Complementing the canister range, there is a portfolio of regulators suitable for almost any application and flow rate.


Ask the Expert

Linda Bakiri
Linda Bakiri

Specialty Gases Business Development Manager

How many tests can be performed using each canister?

The instrument manufacturer normally states the gas flow rate required in their operating procedures. Air Products' largest canisters hold approximately 110 litres, so an instrument with a response time of 10 seconds using a fixed flow of gas of 1.0 lpm might be tested several hundred times using the 110L canister.