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Cryogenic Cooling for Rubber Hose Manufacturing

Realize higher production rates from faster and precise cooling

In reinforced hose manufacturing, the rubber hose must be at the optimum temperature before it can be braided. Too much cooling can cause the rubber to become brittle or damaged. Too little cooling can lead to deformation, kinking, cutting, poor braiding and other issues. Air Products’ PolarFit® cryogenic cooling systems can help you precisely control the hose temperature in your braiding process, which could enable higher production rates with improved product quality.

Increase productivity and quality

The extremely low temperature of liquid nitrogen can help you achieve faster cooling, enabling increased production rates. The precise temperature control allows you to maintain an optimal braiding temperature, which makes it possible to more consistently produce high-quality rubber hose.

Experience quick installation

Our cooling system can be customized to include all the components you need to efficiently integrate it into your operation’s existing footprint—including a cooling chamber, plus temperature and flow controls.

Minimal downtime

Our applications engineers can integrate these components into your production line with limited to no downtime and you can achieve startup immediately after installation. The automated control system allows you to easily maintain your desired hose temperature.

Achieve lower operating and capital costs

Since the system only consumes liquid nitrogen when it’s needed to maintain a consistent temperature, operating costs can be reduced. In addition, the vaporized nitrogen may be used for inerting or blanketing in other areas or your operation.

Benefit from our experience

We can provide complete technical service—from feasibility and economic evaluation, through startup and ongoing service. Additionally, we offer a wide range of technical services, gas-based solutions and a full line of industrial gases.

Optimized solutions

Our applications engineers can work with you to understand your rubber hose manufacturing process, and tailor a PolarFit® cryogenic cooling system to meet your specific needs.