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Our proprietary mobile Cryogenic Hydrogen Compressor (CHC) liquid supply system is one of our many supply options that can provide hydrogen at your site.
Oil Refining

Catalyst Regeneration

Reliable supply of hydrogen and nitrogen when and where you need it

Over time, metal catalysts become deactivated due to spoiling caused by contamination from reaction by-products or impurities from raw materials. As a result, they must be periodically replaced or regenerated in order to maintain their initial production or conversion rates.  Some types of metal catalysts can be regenerated using hydrogen via reduction. Catalyst performance should be monitored and optimized at all stages of the catalysts life cycle. Look to Air Products to provide the hydrogen or nitrogen supply for catalyst activation or regeneration.

Understanding your needs first so we can offer the right gases, technologies, and services to help you be more successful

​Fast delivery and set-up

​We are equipped to generally have you on-line within 24 hours of arrival at your site, minimizing your downtime

Flexible supply options

​We can recommend a solution to meet your flow rate, pressure, and duration requirements for hydrogen or nitrogen


Our extensive manufacturing plants and distribution infrastructure, experience, and delivery system software help ensure delivery reliability

​Focus on safety

Pride in Safety: Our operators of our mobile pumping units have on average over 15 years of experience with the system

​Quick commitment

​Dedicated hotline you can call 24/7 to get a timely assessment of your needs and a fast commitment to your job


World-class technical assistance as well as breakthrough technologies to help keep costs down, quality up, throughput high, and safety a top priority