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Metal parts entering an IQ furnace for neutral hardening or carburizing
Metals and Materials Processing

Carburizing, Nitriding, and Hardening

Expert solutions to help you succeed

Air Products’ Atmosphere Solutions are available for carburizing, neutral hardening, carbonitriding, nitriding and nitrocarburizing. Nitrogen, methanol, and/or a small amount of enriching gas are blended at the furnace to provide a furnace atmosphere essentially identical in composition to that of endothermic. By varying the amount of enriching gas, the furnace carbon potential can be adjusted to meet your specific atmosphere requirements. The benefit of Air Products’ Atmosphere Solutions is superior atmosphere control for consistent part quality, operational cost savings, significant increases in operational productivity, and ease of operation.

​​Carburizing, Nitriding, and Hardening Expertise and Solutions

Improved operational efficiency and safety

A control system increases flow with a nitrogen purge during charging, quenching, or furnace malfunction, enhancing operation efficiency and safety

Reduced costs

Elimination of endo-generation and its associated maintenance produces the greatest impact on cost reduction

Customized high-pressure gas storage

High-pressure gas storage is custom designed and optimized to meet the specific requirements of the process and quench frequency

High-pressure gas quenching solutions

Gas supply systems up to 40 bar using nitrogen, argon, or helium are available

Controlled furnace carbon potential

The furnace carbon potential can be adjusted to meet your specific atmosphere requirements

Improved quality of carburized, nitrided, or hardened components

Air Products' Atmosphere Solutions for carburizing, nitriding, and hardening provide an excellent means to improve the quality of metal products


Ask the Expert

Guido Plicht
Guido Plicht

Commercial Technology Manager - Europe

How can I achieve a more homogeneous surface hardness in controlled-atmosphere carburizing?

In atmosphere-carburized parts, especially bulk loads, variations in surface hardness might appear. This is a common issue caused by insufficient atmosphere circulation inside the furnace chamber and through the load. At Air Products our atmosphere flow modelling capabilities enable us to simulate and solve these technical barriers. Our specialists can work with you to find the best way to modify the load set-up, thus improving the carburizing results.

Download Nitrogen-Propane Protective Atmospheres for Annealing and Hardening Operations in Continuous Furnaces