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Gas Detection

Breath Alcohol Measurement

There is an ever increasing demand in society for improved safety and reduction in the levels of incidents involving drugs and alcohol abuse in the workplace.

Organisations are now commonly using breath alcohol analysers that can display the level of alcohol present in an individuals exhaled breath. To assist in this market we have developed a range of ethanol gas mixtures that meet and exceed market requirements.

These are manufactured to the highest standards, and are compatible with all of the major manufacturers brands of both hand-held units and engine interlocks; these include Drager, Lion, Intoximeter and Alcolock Countermeasure Systems (ACS).

Benefits of Air Products' Breath Alcohol Gas Mixtures

Full Range of Concentrations

Air Products can supply, as standard, ethanol mixtures to calibrate your equipment to match your country legal limit.

Fast Deliveries

As one of our standard product offerings, this ensures deliveries can be quickly despatched to you.


Gas mixtures will work with all of the commonly known manufacturers of portable and engine interlock equipment

Complete Offering

To compliment the gas mixtures, there is a full suite of regulators available allowing for easy calibration of equipment


Ask the Expert

Linda Bakiri
Linda Bakiri

Specialty Gases Business Development Manager

How many tests can be performed using each canister?

The instrument manufacturer normally states the gas flow rate required in their operating procedures. Air Products' largest canisters hold approximately 110 litres, so an instrument with a response time of 10 seconds using a fixed flow of gas of 1.0 lpm might be tested several hundred times using the 110L canister.