Transportation Safety

Delivering Safe Performance One Mile at a Time

Air Products drivers are the "face of the company" to our customers and the public every day. They deliver industrial gases—such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, helium and more—to a variety of customers around the world.  

Air Products Truck Driver

Each day, these drivers face challenging driving situations, including heavy traffic, treacherous weather conditions, and intricate delivery sites. Keeping safety their top priority, our drivers are focused on delivering safe performance one mile at a time, one delivery at a time, day in and day out. Their safety is supported through the safety features of our delivery vehicles, driver training and our Data Enabled Coaching Program (DECP). 

The DECP relies on safety performance and vehicle efficiency data that are collected, recorded and transmitted by event recording cameras in our trucks. DECP coaches use the data, including the videos, to help drivers be even safer and more efficient through preventative coaching and training.