Supplier Diversity

We promote diversity among our suppliers because they bring new ideas, offer innovative products and processes, and contribute to the economic strength of their communities on a global basis. Our diversity policy cornerstone is the respect for the broad spectrum of diversity within our workforce, suppliers, and customer base. 

Air Products fully supports suppliers who promote diversity in their own workplaces.

A solid Supplier Diversity program provides a competitive advantage to Air Products and supports our corporate responsibility to the many communities we are part of. Air Products has a global reach, thus we depend on our people, suppliers, and customers to maximize competitiveness, growth, technology innovation, customer satisfaction, and shareholder wealth. 

Supplier Diversity is mandatory for fulfilling contracts with the U.S. Government. In the U.S., the major categories of diversity spend are small business, woman owned, minority owned, and small disadvantaged businesses. Air Products maintains Supplier Diversity programs in the United States and Europe.
Supplier Diversity Programs

Suppliers with established, solid Diversity programs provide a competitive advantage to Air Products and enables us to utilize these companies as primary contractors and subcontractors.

Our intent is to develop mutually beneficial business relationships with diverse suppliers by utilizing these companies as primary contracts and subcontractors. We encourage our primary contractors to use diverse subcontractors to further reinforce our commitment to excellence. 

Supplier Qualifications

Air Products seeks the best quality, value, and service, at the best cost from all of our suppliers. Our Global Procurement Team is chartered to select suppliers that deliver the best overall value. Here are some of the qualities that Air Products is looking for in our suppliers:

  • Cost competitiveness from a pricing perspective
  • Technological innovation
  • Proven track record and references
  • Solid financial standing
  • Ability to conduct electronic business via e-connections on the Internet
  • Reliable source of supply
  • Continuous and proactive support of both products and services